Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Paragliding The California Coast

Paragliding Pacifica Ca

Special thanks to Team BlackHawk Pilots for an amazing adventure day. Additional special thanks to “Adam Broadway” for providing some of his Pacifica flight footage.
Video edited by: Rob Whittaker

Team BlackHawk Pilots tore up the sky in Pacifica California with the NEW Elektra Paraglider from Velocity Paragliders. Pacifica California has become a mecca for Paragliding Pilots around the world, and a frequently visited spot for Team BlackHawk Pilots. Motors were left behind on this trip, and perfect wind conditions provided pilots with all day fun. One-by-one, the sky filled with an array of colors, as our Team Pilots put this revolutionary glider to the test. It was quite the site to see.

Mark Zinkel, an experienced PPG and free-flight pilot stated “The breaks are amazingly light, compared to what I’m used to. It wants to go up. It turns on a dime. It’s a maneuverable wing.” Trevor Meeks of Meeks Digital Studios commented “So much fun! I’ve been flying (the Elektra) on a PPG for two or three weeks now, and it’s sporty, lifty, just an incredible glider. This is the first time I’ve done free-flight with it and I’m very impressed. It’s very easy to launch and very stable.”

Velocity’s goal in manufacturing the Elektra Paraglider was to provide customers with the finest multi-purpose wing available today! This amazingly efficient and performance-packed wing boasts a 9.4:1 glide ratio. Inflation is fast, smooth, and makes launching a breeze. The Elektra comes with a two-year warranty and is constructed from the highest-quality materials on the market. Mike Robinson of Velocity Paragliders commented that “This wing is a standard-setter in the industry. We haven’t had a pilot yet who hasn’t fallen in love with this new glider. It’s a reflection of our commitment to perfection, precise innovation, and providing our customers with what they ask for.” The Elektra Paraglider comes with speed bar, your choice of risers, a stuff sack, and a Manual which covers care and operation.

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