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BlackHawk Kestrel Paramotor Frame / Cage

BlackHawk Paramotors introduced the Kestrel line of ultra-lightweight frames in 2013, setting a new industry standard. This extremely durable frame weighs in at only 8.5 lbs! As technology in any industry aims to be better, faster, smaller, and stronger, the BlackHawk Kestrel frames have achieved just that. These sought-after units are becoming an industry standard, and boast the best overall performance of any frame currently in production. 2 models of the Kestrel are available to suit pilot’s needs: The Kestrel Standard and Kestrel Pro. The Kestrel Standard Frame comes with high hang-points and features rigid j-bars. This increases overall stability and provides for easy launching and a smooth flight. The Kestrel Pro Frame provides for a “near free-flight feeling” by featuring extremely responsive weight shift. Weight shift allows the pilot additional control over the glider’s turning capabilities. 3 motor options are available with the new Kestrel Frames: The BlackHawk 90, 125, and Talon 190 Paramotors. All frames, including the weight of the motor, weigh less than 55 lbs complete! The Kestrel was expert-designed by the BlackHawk Team with years of Powered Paragliding design experience and R&D feedback from countless pilots. Each Kestrel Paramotor frame is carefully constructed with extremely light-weight, strong, and high-quality materials. As mentioned before, safety is never sacrificed for performance when BlackHawk Paramotors USA designs a product. These new industry-leading Kestrel Paramotor Frames have been quoted as “the closest feeling to free-flight paragliding you can experience with a motor!”


We stand by all of our products and offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with your choice to purchase from BlackHawk Paramotors USA, and hope to earn your continued business. Call us to order your new Kestrel today!

Kestrel Paramotor Frame Features:

  • Many comfort features integrated into the design for long cross-country flights
  • State-of-the-art rugged AustrlAlpin quick-release buckles for safety
  • Straps feature finger-rings for ease of adjustment while in flight or on the ground
  • Seat features an adjustable “seat flap” for enhanced lumbar support and additional weight-shift responsiveness
  • Seat and back of the harness are fully-padded for additional comfort – great for cross-country flights
  • Back portion of the seat features a moisture-wicking material for comfort
  • The chest strap is fully adjustable for comfort and forward launching
  • Speed bar system features dual stainless steel pulleys for more accurate response and easy operation
  • Arm pads are located on the weight shift arms for long-flight comfort and can be removed for washing
  • Arms feature adjustable connection points to dial in the center of gravity of the pilot
  • Spacious storage compartments are located on BOTH sides of the harness, and feature rugged YKK zippers for easy access
  • Large storage compartment located under the seat featuring YKK zippers – Great for placing stuff-sack, water, or other accessories
  • Paramotor unit remains higher on your shoulders with integrated ground-handling straps – helps with ease of takeoff, and even distribution of body weight
  • All net openings are knotted on ALL 4 corners, with only 1 3/4″ openings – SAFETY FIRST
  • Netting features DUAL tightening bands for better structural integrity, retaining tightness, and increased protection
  • Cage is professionally powder-coated to protect from the elements and ensure a long life
  • The cage netting is positioned and held low on the main frame – This minimizes and prevents the possibility of contact with the motor or prop
  • Features our newly-designed unique netting strap system – provides for easy installation and adjustment
  • Entire cage can be easily broken down in minutes for travel or shipping
  • Performance-enhancing pull-start is set back into the frame cavity. Motor is mounted close to the pilots back:
    • Reduces the feel of the motor’s weight on the pilot
    • Decreases the torque while in-flight
    • Enhances the ability to weight-shift
  • The main Paramotor frame easily breaks down into two pieces for transport or shipping
  • 3.2 gallon Gas tank is made from a high-quality, UV protected, wrinkled texture
  • Fuel is COMPLETELY used – The fuel line and sump are located at the bottom of the tank
  • Kestrel-based machines include a beautiful wood prop – Carbon fiber props can be provided at an additional cost (see upgrade options)
  • Exhaust chamber is tuned, featuring a carbon fiber silencer for weight reduction
  • BlackHawk Paramotors are Dyno-Tuned, providing a smooth and usable power-band
  • Motors are fully CNC’d for amazing strength, longer life, and for better light-weight performance
  • Prop is set back 2 1/4″ from the cage for safety and clearance in case the cage flexes
  • Kestrel cage is reinforced and durable – Great for power forward-launching

FRAME ALONE: 8.5 lbs. (3.85 kg.)

Complete WITH BlackHawk 90 Paramotor: 45.0 lbs.

Complete WITH BlackHawk 125 Paramotor: 50 lbs.

Complete WITH BlackHawk Talon 190 Paramotor: 54 lbs.


Please specify which Kestrel you would like when ordering. You can easily switch between the weight-shift or high hang-point options if desired.

  • Kestrel Standard: mid-height hang-point with rigid j-bars
  • Kestrel Pro: Weight-shift with swing arms and low hook-in (+$150)

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